Topics Drum Workshop and Masterclass

 Topic 1: Sound & Tuning Workshop:
  1.  Tuning concepts for toms, bassdrums and snaredrums
  2. Total control of overtones on the snaredrum by using special tuning methods
    • without dampening materials and
    • using various dampening methods.
  3. the effect of different woods on the sound (Maple, beech, birch, mahogany, bubinga, etc.) or materials such as acrylic, steel, etc., shell types and construction methods, hoops, Tom Mounts, lugs etc.
  4. Which Drumheads »make« which sounds?
  5. If necessary: tuning of drums, brought by the workshop attendees instruments, preferably snares and toms (instruments must be in a playable shape)


Topic 2: Bassdrum playing techniques:
  1. Double bassdrum techniques, single, double pedal and two bassdrums
  2. Multi-pedal techniques (with several hi-hats and bass drums)
  3. The innovative, „Quad“-Pedal-Playing-Technique (using two parallel positioned double pedals (on two bassdrums/ developed by Manni von Bohr) and the potential to perform with this techniques (f.e. heel/ toe))
  4. Practicing concepts for the feet; in the Groove, Hands/Feet-combination, Fill-Ins, Power and Speed
  5. Optimizing your playing by the right pedal settings, position of pedals, seat height, etc..
 Topic 3: Hand techniques:
  1.  Stick grip
  2.  Using rebound
  3.  Moeller technique,
  4.  The right drumstick is the „half the rent“


Topic 4: Let’s groove with click and percussion loops:
  1.  methods to improve the timing
  2.  How do you practice timing?
  3.  How you practices timing one and what do you look for?
  4.  Binary and ternary grooves
  5.  Odd Grooves


Topic 5: How to get a good drumsound in the studio and ober the P.A.?
  1.  What Microphone fits what drums /cymbals/ room?
  2.  Mikrophone placements: Bassdrum, Snare /Toms /Overheads/ Room/ Ambient